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ASRock System DESKMINI A300W AMD AM4 Max.32GB DDR4 HDMI DP D-Sub USB Retail

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  • Supports AMD AM4 socket CPUs (Raven Ridge, Bristol Ridge, up to 65W)
  • Supports AMD AM4 CPU cooler (Max. Height ≦ 46mm)
  • Mad A300 Promontory
  • 2x 2. 5” SATA6Gb Hard Drive
  • 1 x M. 2 (key E 2230) slot for Wi-Fi + BT module

AMD AM4 Socket CPU – Raven Ridge, Bristol Ridge, up to 65W – Support MAX Height ≦ 46mm CPU Cooler High-Speed DDR4 Memory – DDR4-2933MHz (Ryzen) – DDR4-2400MHz (A-series) Dual Ultra M. 2 (NV Me) – M2_1 M. 2 (2280) – Pie Gen3 x4 – M2_2 M. 2 (2280) – Pie Gen3 x2/x4 2x 2. 5” SATA6Gb Hard Drive Support RAID 0/1 function HDMI, DisplayPort, D-Sub AMD Fluid Motion Technology M. 2 For Wi-Fi Module USB 3. 1 Gen1 Type-C

ASRock’s DeskMini series is a family of barebones systems in the mini-STX (140mm x 147mm motherboard / 1.92L chassis) and micro-STX (188mm x 147mm motherboard / 2.7L chassis) form-factors. Here, ‘barebones’ differs slightly from the NUC terminology. While the NUCs just require the user to plug in RAM and storage, the mini-STX and micro-STX boards are socketed. This gives users a choice of CPU to install, making it similar in more respects to a typical DIY build.

The DeskMini A300 that we are looking at today is a mini-STX machine capable of supporting AMD AM4 processors with integrated graphics. The board uses the AMD A300 chipset, and supports both Ryzen-based Raven Ridge APUs and the older Bulldozer-based Bristol Ridge APUs with a TDP of up to 65W.

There are multiple versions of the DeskMini A300 available, depending on the optional components that are bundled. The product page mentions the DeskMini A300 and the A300W, with the latter’s accessory pack including an Intel AC-3168 Wi-Fi kit.

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