Thinkware F800 PRO 1080P 2 Channel Dash Camera 128GB Review

Thinkware F800 PRO 1080P 2 Channel Dash Camera 128GB Review

The Thinkware F800 PRO is the top-of-the-line 2 channel dash camera right now. By utilizes the powerful Ambarella A12 processor and Sony STARVIS sensors to achieve impressive recording quality on both front and rear channels. It offers full HD 1080P (Front & Rear @ 30 FPS), this is the highest recording quality possible on a 2 channel dash camera on the market these days. With Thinkware F800 PRO, you’re also getting a more efficient energy saving parking mode, and maximum micro SD card supports up to 128GB.

Unlike the F800 which come in silver & gray body, the “PRO” version come in full black body make it sturdier look. It was very easy to install by using the included hardwiring kit. The hardwiring cable has three wires on one end instead of a cigarette socket adapter.

The wire are color-coded in black, red and yellow. The red wire should be connected to the constant 12V source, the yellow wire should be connected to the ignition switch 12V source and the black one should be connected to the ground. The hardwiring kit gives you the option to use parking mode by either motion detection or time-lapse modes. You can watch the video below for better understanding the installation.

After finding a good location for your camera now is a time to download an app. The Thinkware F800 PRO is Thinkware Cloud compatible and in the near future, it will able to upload video to a “Cloud”. Only F800 PRO can support the Thinkware Cloud, not for the older F800. That why the “PRO” can have SD card up to 128Gb. While Thinkware recommends using one of their SD cards, but we can work with Samsung EVO and Lexar 128Gb micro SD card and it works perfectly. The other good point of F800 PRO is it compatible and works perfectly with most smartphone, both iOS, and Android.

The video quality of both cameras is really clear in full HD, both during the day and at night – especially with “Super Night Vision” enabled. You can toggle between the front and rear cameras by just touch of the screen. You can enable the safety features which can warn you of speed & red light cameras in the area or lane departure warnings and more.

If you’ve bad experience from a cheaper dash cams, the Thinkware F800 PRO just may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Yes, it’s expensive but this is the latest flagship 2 channel dash cams with a lot of room to upgrade in futures.

Key Features:

  • 1080p front and rear recording
  • Built in WiFi for reviewing footage and settings
  • Built in GPS
  • Red light/Speed camera alerts
  • Ambarella A12A55 chipset – Perfectly tuned for the F800
  • Sony STARVIS exmor R IMX291 Image sensor @ 2.1MP, 140°
  • Advance Driver Assistance System (Red light and Speed camera alerts)
  • Super Night Vision 2.0
  • Super Capacitor & High-Temperature Cut-off
  • 128GB SD Card Support

What’s in the Box?

  • F800 PRO
  • Rear Camera
  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • 32GB Thinkware SD Card
  • Adhesive Windshield Mount
  • Extra 3M Adhesive
  • Cable Mounting Clips
  • Micro SD Card Reader
  • English Quick Start Guide

Thinkware F800 PRO 2-Channel Bundle 1080P FHD WiFi Rearview Camera 32GB SD Card and Hardwiring Kit Included

Bestseller No. 1
Thinkware F800 Pro Dash Cam Front and Rear Full HD 1080P Sony Starvis Super Night Vision | Cigarette Power Cable | 32GB MicroSD Card Incl. | Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS | Parking Mode
  • 2 channel front & rear full HD 1080P recording with 2.1MP Sony STARVIS image sensor, 30fps, 140-degree wide viewing angle
  • Built-in Wi-Fi with mobile app Viewer allows for easy video playback and settings configuration with a compatible iOS or Android smartphone
  • Built-in GPS for speed and red-light camera alerts, and embeds GPS data (speed, time, location) to video recordings
  • Super Night Vision 2.0 for impressive videos in low-light conditions with minimal noise and excellent exposure control thanks to THINKWARE'S exclusive video processing technology
  • Advanced parking surveillance mode-ready with impact & motion detections, time lapse, energy saving mode, built-in voltage meter and off-timer
Bestseller No. 2
Thinkware F800 PRO 2-Channel Bundle 1080P FHD WiFi Rearview Camera | 32GB SD Card | Cigarette Lighter Adapter Cable & Hardwiring Kit Included
  • Ambarella A12 Chipset – Ability to record 1080p on both channels simultaneously
  • Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor – Excellent performance in low-light conditions
  • GPS built in for red light/speed camera alerts. Also added ability of Geo Fencing alerts
  • Energy Saving Parking Recording will reduce power consumption by 1/3 less and gives 3x longer video recording than normal parking mode.
17% OFFBestseller No. 3
Thinkware F800 PRO Dash Cam Full HD 1080p Front Car Camera Dashcam - Super Night Vision 2.0, Includes 16GB SD Card & Hardwire Lead for Battery Safe Parking Mode Install - Android/iOS App
  • ULTRA CLEAR 1080p HD IMAGE - Front Crisp Clean image with a 140° wide angle view at 30FPS. This enables the Dash Cams to capture more detailed footage in all road conditions and capture number plates of other drivers.
  • CAPTURE ULTIMATE QUALITY FOOTAGE IN LOW LIGHT - award-winning Super Night Vision 2. 0 captures the best quality dual dash cam footage in low light. Highest quality lens and technology car camera recorder available via Sony Exmoor R Starves image sensor.
  • PREVENT VEHICLE BATTERY DRAIN - State-of-the-art energy saving parking mode monitoring system via the G sensor. The F800 dash cam continuously monitors the health and status of the vehicle battery and will shut down if it detects any issues without the need to purchase additional power magic adaptors.
  • LEADING DRIVER SAFETY FEATURES - UK speed camera (Cyclops) database with free updates, forward collision warning system, vehicle departure warning, lane departure warning, emergency record button with built-in GPS and G-Sensor incident detection.
  • Wi-Fi and CLOUD CONNECTIVITY - GEO-FENCING, LOCATE VEHICLE, DRIVING IMPACT NOTIFICATION - the Cloud combines state-of-the-art dashcam technology with a suite of innovative 'connected' features that take the user experience to new levels. Use Wi-Fi to view, download, delete or share footage.
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