TCL 49S325 49 Inch 1080p Smart Roku LED TV (2019) Review

TCL 49S325 49 Inch 1080p Smart Roku LED TV (2019) Review

The 3-Series is the most versatile series yet. With sizes ranging from 28-inch HD displays, perfect for a kitchen countertop, 43-inch Full HD models great for bedroom watching, to 49-inch models perfect for your living room’s home theater.

TCL 49S325, the largest from TCL’s 3-Series. The 3-Series is TCL’s Full HD Smart TV series. It doesn’t pack in 4K or any of those picture quality features, but again, like the 4-Series the 3-Series is darn cheap. The advantage of the 3-Series, besides the price point obviously, is that it comes with Roku built-in so you’re not completely left high and dry in terms of features. Thanks to TCL Roku TVs that automatically get software updates, bringing new features, apps, and services, so your experience will get even better over time. If you’re looking for a small screen for a second room in your house, the 3-Series isn’t a bad option.

TCL 3-Series Compare

TCL 3-Series Compare

TCL, one of the world’s largest TV manufacturers in the world and America’s fastest-growing TV brand offers seamless access to more than 500,000 movies and TV episodes, your cable box, gaming console, and other devices — all from one simple, intuitive interface. Connect all your favorite devices. Plus, the built-in TV tuner gives you access to free, over-the-air HD content, making this the ultimate cord-cutting TV.

The new version of 3-Series TV offers the same great performance and features as the previous versions. A full high definition LED display (1920 x 1080) paired with an advanced refresh rate (120Hz CMI), and dual-band Wi-Fi allows you to capture every moment. The new models offer a refreshed bezel and stand design, but features and capabilities are identical. With a sleek, modern design it looks great whether it is off or on.

TCL 49S325 Remote

TCL 49S325 Remote

This TV comes with a simple, intuitive interface gives you easy access to thousands of streaming channels, cable TV, gaming consoles, and other devices. No more flipping through inputs or complicated menus—all your favorites are at your fingertips. The Roku TV remote is super simple, it has only 20 buttons to make navigating easier. With around half the buttons of a traditional TV remote, you won’t have to struggle to find the button you need. The mobile app also powerful, it can turn your smartphone or tablet into a convenient streaming companion. Use it as a remote, plug in headphones for private listening, search with your voice or keyboard, and share your own videos, music, and photos to your TV. Plus, cast movies and web videos to your TV with Netflix and YouTube mobile apps.

TCL 49S325 makes it easy to enjoy whether you stream it, pay for a cable or satellite subscription, or use the built-in tuner to enjoy free over-the-air channels. When paired with an OTA HDTV antenna, you can watch dozens of local broadcast TV channels for free—no cable necessary—and even see when and where your favorite shows are playing with an easy-to-use program guide. Plus, you’ll be able to see where live shows are playing on demand.



  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 43.5″ x 25.4″ x 3.1″, TV with stand: 43.5″ x 27.6″ x 8.7″
  • Smart functionality delivers all your favorite content with over 500,000 movies and TV episodes, accessible through the simple and intuitive Roku TV
  • 1080p HD resolution for a crisp picture
  • Direct-lit LED produces great picture quality
  • Inputs: 3 HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 (one with HDMI ARC), 1 USB (media player), RF, Composite, Headphone Jack, Optical Audio Out
Bestseller No. 1
TCL 50-inch Class 4-Series 4K UHD Smart Roku LED TV - 50S435, 2021 Model
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 44. 1 X 25. 7 X 3. 2 inches, TV with stand: 44. 1 X 28 X 8 inches
  • Smart functionality delivers all your favorite content with over 500,000 movies and TV episodes, accessible through the simple and intuitive Roku TV
  • Pairs 4K Ultra HD picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (HDR) for the most lifelike picture
  • Direct lit LED produces great picture quality. Stand Separation Distance 39.6 inches
  • Inputs: 3 HDMI 2. 0 with HDCP 2. 2 (one with HDMI ARC), 1 USB (media player), RF, Composite, Headphone Jack, Optical Audio Out, Ethernet
20% OFFBestseller No. 2
TCL 40-inch 1080p Smart LED Roku TV - 40S325, 2019 Model
  • Easy Voice Control: Works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to help you find movie titles, launch or change channels, even switch inputs, using just your voice. Also available through the Roku mobile app
  • Smart Functionality offers access to over 5,000 streaming channels featuring more than 500,000 movies and TV episodes via Roku TV
  • 1080p Full HD Resolution excellent detail, color, and contrast
  • Direct lit LED produces great picture quality with 60Hz refresh Rate for fast moving action scenes with virtually no Motion blur
  • Inputs: 3 HDMI, 1 USB, RF, Composite, Headphone Jack, optical audio out
11% OFFBestseller No. 3
TCL 55-inch 6-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR QLED Roku Smart TV - 55R635, 2021 Model
  • Superior 4K Ultra HD: Picture clarity combined with the contrast, color, and detail of Dolby Vision HDR (High Dynamic Range) for the most lifelike picture
  • Mini-LED Technology: Uncompromised contrast, brightness, and uniformity for incredible viewing in any environment
  • Product Size (WxHxD) with Stand: 48.3" x 31.1" x 13.7"; Product Size (WxHxD) without stand: 48.3" x 28.1" x 2.8"
  • QLED: Quantum dot technology delivers better brightness and wider color volume
  • Contrast Control Zones: Contrast is individually optimized across up to 240 localized zones for striking contrast between bright and dark areas of the image
TCL 49S325 49 Inch 1080p Smart Roku LED TV (2019) Review
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  • zeroh 2 years ago

    Bought the series 4 one this year, using it for my desktop. Anyone planning on picking one up or already has one I would recommend a few things.

    1. Buy a 4k cable for it.

    2. Use the best HDMI port available you can check by looking at your TV’s manual.

    3. Turn on HDR and fix your settings, if on Windows this should automatically turn on. There is also the HDR section in your Windows (Settings > System > Display) be sure to check that as well.

    4. Reset firmware to factory default then upgrade it to latest one. Always do this for new upgrades.

    5. If using on a desktop set rgb pixel format to 4:4:4 (limited). This would be located in your gpu diver settings.

    6. Despite what some may think the onboard roku box can be disabled, by physically removing the backplate of your screen and disconnecting the wifi cable located on the bottom left. Number six is optional you probably want to keep this if you watch tv.