Lenovo Mirage Camera VR-Ready Photo and Video Camera Review

Lenovo Mirage Camera VR-Ready Photo and Video Camera Review

The Lenovo Mirage Camera is a VR camera that simplifies creating virtual reality content by recording brilliant-looking 180-degree footage in 3D, ready-made for Google’s new VR180 format. Powered by Qualcomm Connected Camera Platform with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 SoC which features integrated 13MP dual cameras and powerful processing with 2GB of RAM and built-in Wi-Fi.

You may think that all VR experiences are fully immersive 360-degree views, but Google’s V180 offers a different way, a “half format” if you will. But that doesn’t mean it’s half as good as the best 360 cameras available. VR180 videos act exactly like standard 2D videos in YouTube, Google Photos, and companion apps—meaning you can watch the same ultra-high-resolution 4K video on your phone, tablet or PC—all without needing a headset, eliminates the need for specialized virtual reality videography skills and professional camera gear.

In fact, for most general users, it’s simpler to use and better than a 360-degree camera. Lenovo Mirage Camera enables you to capture unforgettable moments in wide-angle, true-depth VR video easier than ever without expending extra effort or equipment.

Lenovo Mirage Camera is shaped like a compact point-and-shoot camera that slips right into your pocket. It doesn’t have has the viewfinder on the back like most point-and-shoot cam but it has two 13MP camera lenses in front which look very much like beady eyes. You can even pair with your smartphone via Wi-Fi Direct. Download the VR180 app from Google to make your phone’s screen act as a viewfinder, letting you preview all your photos and videos.


Its dual 13MP fisheye cameras achieve depth in image and video by capturing the same images at slightly different angles to form a 3D effect, in which near objects look near, while far objects appear far. The two lenses also offer a 180 x 180-degree field of view to let you see more. It’s also easier for your viewers to understand where you want them to look compared to 360-degree video that can be a bit complex to shoot, edit and watch.

Lenovo Mirage Camera designed for simplicity, with just three buttons—power, shutter, and function. Toggle between three modes: photo, video and live broadcasting. There’s a familiar shutter button on the top right and a 1/4-inch screw hole for a tripod on the bottom. The battery is removable that lasts two hours when recording video and charges via USB-C. With the size of a smartphone and weighing just 139 grams, the Lenovo Mirage Camera fits into small pockets make it ready to go with you everywhere.

The Mirage Camera offers 16GB onboard eMMC as internal storage and the ability to add an optional microSD card for up to 128GB of additional storage. Without a doubt, this was a great feature that everyone likes, not just because of the expandable storage, but if you forget your microSD card at home, you can still capture photos and video with the camera due to its internal storage.

The Mirage Camera is tightly integrated to Google Photos and YouTube, supporting the new YouTube VR180 video format. You can view everything you shoot on a television without the need for special equipment. Seamlessly wireless upload to your personal YouTube and Google Photos to share with friends and family thanks to the camera’s Wi-Fi – no smartphone required.



  • RELIVE YOUR MEMORIES, NOW ON DEMAND: The Lenovo Mirage Camera lets you share your once-in-a-lifetime moments with friends, so they can see what you saw with the exact same lifelike clarity, and go through what you experienced, first hand. Thanks to two 13MP fisheye cameras to create depth perception, we can both live–and relive–your experiences.
  • POINT AND SHOOT: With a massive 180 x 180 degree field of capture, all you need to worry about is where to point and shoot. It’s literally impossible to miss, the Mirage VR Camera captures everything your eye can see, and more.
  • HIGH QUALITY VR PHOTOS & VIDEO: With native 4K video and advanced auto-image stabilization, your VR videos and photos have never looked so crisp and immersive. You’ll feel like you were actually there. Finally.
  • SEAMLESSLY SHARE AND LIVESTREAM: Share what you capture instantly. We’ve tightly integrated the Lenovo Mirage Camera with Google Photos and YouTube. All content can be uploaded to Google Photos and livestreamed on YouTube in VR.
  • VR CREATION MADE SIMPLE: We designed the Lenovo Mirage Camera for simplicity, with just three buttons—power, shutter and function. Toggle between three modes: photo, video and live broadcasting. Download the VR180 app by Google to turn your phone’s screen into a viewfinder, letting you preview all your photos and videos before you share them.

Lenovo Mirage Camera with Daydream, VR-Ready Photo and Video Camera, Integration with YouTube and Google Photos, Smartphone Compatibility, Moonlight White

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  • 【Remote Control plus Wi-Fi】- You are able to control your camera remotely from 10 meters away with the remote control. Red button for photo taking and gray button for video recording. You do not need to hold the camera in your hands any longer. After downloading the App LIVE DV on your smart phone (iOS/Android) or tablet, you can control the camera on your devices, including changing settings, taking pictures, recording videos and downloading files.
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  • Easily create out-of-this-world content, ready to be shared live or edited to be enjoyed later. Control the camera via WiFi through a dedicated mobile app for both Android and iOS. Edit, add voice-over and effects. Reframe your video using Directors Cut tools.

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